Mosaic Raw Water Main

Project included a four and one half mile replacement of a 20” steel raw water main that was installed in the 1950’s. The steel line was continuing to develop leaks that poised a financial burden on the company and could have caused damage to the roadway and/or private property.  The plan was prepared to augment the steel line with the addition of a new 24” high density polyethylene pipe.  The existing corridor was filled utilities that included two raw water lines, one potable water main, sanitary sewer force main, and multiple conduits of fiber optic and direct burial telecommunications/data lines. The road is also a very busy collector road that could not be closed and only temporary lane closures allowed.  A directional drilling design was prepared which eliminated the road closure, minimized lane closures and allowed the contractor to install the new line with only minimal impact to the existing utilities and virtually no impact to the numerous driveways along the route.

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