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Residential and Miscellaneous Projects

We have assisted numerous individuals and developers in designing and permitting residential projects with the densities and cost control to make them successful projects. We also provide services for other tasks such as re-zonings, master planning, private utility and gas installations, and dredge and fill...
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Healthcare Facilities

From doctor’s offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, to hospitals Boggs Engineering can assist in your development plans for a successful project. Let our team assist you in avoiding pitfalls during the planning, zoning, permitting, and construction phases in order to minimize the time and...
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Agricultural Projects

Are you planning a new parcel for farming purposes? Allow us to assist you in obtaining an Agricultural Ground and Surface Water Management permit (AGSWM), Environmental Resource Permit (ERP), or Water Use Permit (WUP) for this land. We also assist our agricultural friends in guest...
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